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Artist Spotlight-Kobi Reese: Premiere of "I Want to Be Happy"

Kobi Reese is a participant in the David Z Foundation's Music Mentor program. He worked with founder, CEO and educator Paulie Z to write a song called "I Want to Be Happy".

Throughout the course of the program, Kobi developed his idea of what he calls "an anthem of hope" as a response to being a student living in a pandemic. So much of his life around him was shut down, and it was hard to maintain patience and hope during this difficult time. Paulie and Kobi started from just an idea and then developed lyrics, came up with a melody, talked about instrumentation, produced a professional track, and ultimately a professional music video. It is Kobi's dream to be a professional musician, and he is well on his way!

Kobi is very excited to share his song with the world. He actually got to have a live premiere of it on March 7 at the Cutting Room as part of Ultimate Jam Night New York. (to see a live performance of the song, go here.)

The premiere of the music video will be this coming Monday, March 28 at 8pm EST on DZF's Facebook page. No tickets necessary, just hop into the Facebook live, bring your smile, and prepare to rock out with Kobi's very catchy song.

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