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Medley Music Program

The Medley Music program offers a unique opportunity for students to collaborate with professional music artists to write and produce an original broadcast-quality song with an accompanying music video. 

Program Goals

  • To leverage creativity for deep learning.

  • To promote and enhance collaborative skills in a learning environment.

  • To open pathways for communication and expression.

  • To practice and deepen understanding of project-management skills.


Program Specifics

This program embraces inquiry-based learning as a method for engaging participants andcreating high-leverage learning experiences. The group will be working closely with teaching artists and other music industry professionals in the process of producing an original song. 

The duration of this program can vary, ranging from a one-week intensive to a full school year. Scheduling of sessions is based on each organization's needs as well as teaching artist availability. At the end of the program, typically a full day is needed for the filming of the music video. 


Neuroscience Based 

  • Mnemonics embedded in music help language recall and retention of information.

  • Long-term memory is engaged by sound. 

  • Spatial-temporal reasoning necessary for learning is improved by music.

  • Musical training is associated with improving communication skills and language use. 


Though we have costs associated with keeping the program at a high calibre, we strongly believe that music should be accessible to all students.  We have the ability to help subsidize the cost on a sliding scale to work within your budget and ensure that your group is able to participate.Please reach out to us at the email listed below for more information.

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