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Music Mentor Program

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The Music Mentor program focuses on youth mental health. It uses the process of songwriting as a catharsis for dealing with tough emotions. Students are matched with a mentor who guides the process. 

Program Goals

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  • To use music as a vehicle for processing trauma or difficult feelings.

  • To promote youth mental health in a holistic setting. 

  • To open pathways for communication and expression.

  • To provide students an opportunity to create an impactful project start to finish.

Program Specifics

The Music Mentor program allows students to identify who they really are through the vehicle of songwriting and musical performance. Students are paired up with a teaching artist for a one-on-one experience where they learn to channel their experiences and emotions into original music. A song is written and professionally recorded, then a music video is produced, and the song is finally performed live. This program is open to all children but is especially geared towards those at high risk for emotional and mental health challenges.


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Neuroscience Based 

  • Following traumatic events, music is a powerful tool to build resilience. 

  • Long-term memory is engaged by sound.

  • Spatial-temporal reasoning is necessary for processing events and is improved by music. 

  • Musical training is associated with improving communication skills and language use 


Though we have costs associated with keeping the program at a high calibre, we strongly believe that music should be accessible to all students.  We have the ability to help subsidize the cost on a sliding scale to work within your budget and ensure that your group is able to participate.Please reach out to us at the email listed below for more information.

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