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The David Z Foundation endeavors to reach all musicians to afford them the support they need to shine. Whether delivered in small or large group, all programs share the same core philosophy in how to live a healthy, holistic, and harmonious life.  Students will be able to take these core lessons far beyond the practice room, sound stage or studio.  As a participant in one of our programs, students become part of a community of musicians that will reshape the industry simply by infusing it with DAVE: Dream. Apply. Vizualize. Empower.

The Medley Music program includes instruction from a teaching artist that will co-write an original song on a subject of the organization’s choosing.  The song will be professionally produced into a commercial quality track and a full music video.  Options for the program include a 1 or 2 week intensive, semester long program, and year long program.


Medley Music Program

mEDley Music


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The Music Mentor program allows students to identify who they really are through the vehicle of songwriting and musical performance. Students are paired up with a teaching artist for a one-on-one experience where they learn to channel their experiences and emotions into original music. A song is written and professionally recorded, then a music video is produced, and the song is finally performed live. This program is open to all children but is especially geared towards those at high risk for emotional and mental health challenges.

Modern MP



The Modern Musician program is an original music curriculum composed of three parts: individual instruction (The Lessons), group performance (The Band), and an industry/business class (The Workshop). Starting with the 1950s, students focus on one decade at a time, learning about the artists, technology, culture, and industry of that period. They learn a section of a song from each decade and create a medley that they then record and produce into a music video. The program runs for a full school year and ends with a performance showcase and video premiere.




The David Z Foundation offers various scholarships for individual artists, bands, and music students who need financial assistance. The David Z Foundation offers various scholarships for individual artists, bands, and music students who need financial assistance. We have partnered up with various music schools around the country to create these opportunities. Our scholarships range from tuition relief for aspiring music students to production packages for up and coming bands.



Becoming a member of the David Z Foundation will help us continue the work we are doing and ensure that all donations from events and proceeds from programs will go right back to helping musicians grow.  Benefits will include exclusive content, rewards, swag, and surprises as we build out membership tiers in the near future.  A $10 or higher monthly pledge will get you in on the ground floor. Simply click the button below, choose your amount, check the two boxes underneath and then click donate. 

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DZF Membership
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