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Modern Musician Program

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The Modern Musician program has 3 components: building skills on an instrument of each student's choice, learning collaborative skills in band practice, and learning how to navigate the music industry. 

Program Goals

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  • To build collaboration skills transferrable to the21st Century Marketplace

  • To deepen understanding of how the music industry works 

  • To enhance instrumental technique

  • To learn about and practice self-advocacy in a

      music career


Program Specifics

This program started at Brooklyn College where David attended school. One of the major elements of its success is partnerships with other music organizations and lesson vendors like the Brooklyn College Prep program. 

There are 3 sessions braided together in this program: solo instrument lessons, group bandclass, and the Musician's Workshop curriculum class. At the end of the program, there is a culminating concert that features songs from each decade studied in the curriculum. This event also serves as a launch party for the brand developed by the band throughout the program.


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To the Practice Room and Beyond

In addition to learning techniques specific to each student's instrument and how to work together as a band, the hallmark of this program is learning about the history and development of the music industry through the lens of 5 archetypes in the industry: artists, musicians, producers, writers, and business professionals. The industry is explored in the context of history, culture, and income streams throughout each decade beginning with the1950's. 



Though we have costs associated with keeping the program at a high calibre, we strongly believe that music should be accessible to all students.  We have the ability to help subsidize the cost on a sliding scale to work within your budget and ensure that your group is able to participate.Please reach out to us at the email listed below for more information.

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