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Premiere of "What Moves You?" by the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach

On October 26 at 4 PM, the David Z Foundation debuted its most recent music video collaboration between kids and foundation. The project was sponsored through DZF's Medley Music program by Curacao, a department store chain based in California, Arizona and Nevada. In honor of Latin Heritage Month, Curacao decided to kickstart a song and video project with a theme based on its slogan “What moves you?”, teaming up with kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach. During a half-hour online presentation, the video for the song titled “What Moves You?” was debuted, with an appearance by the project's kids and representatives from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach immediately afterwards. In the video, a girl tells her friends that she doesn't feel like she has anything in her life that interests her. The friends try to inspire her to find something of her own which leads all of them on a fun journey through a Curacao store, culminating in the girl discovering a passion for soccer.

The song was co-written by DZF founder Paulie Z and the kids of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach, who both feature vocals on the track and video. Both song and video also showcase featured artist Lucia Marco, recently placed on YouTube's Latin Heritage Month playlist alongside such notable Latin artists as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

The David Z Foundation, started by Paulie Z in 2017, co-designs collaborative music programs for underprivileged students, offers funding for programs and to beginning bands and artists, and allocates scholarships. For more information or to sign up to partner with the David Z Foundation on a music education program, contact us.

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