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Mark Weiss and DZF Team Up for Rock Photography Auction

Legendary music photographer Mark Weiss is partnering up with to auction off signed prints of his classic work. Weiss has captured some of the biggest names in rock and roll history, with his donated items including live photographs of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Van Halen, Blondie and Ozzy Osbourne.

Part of the proceeds raised from the donated prints have been earmarked for the non-profit David Z Foundation, which helps design music education programs in schools geared towards underprivileged and at-risk students and provides scholarships, while also using music education to help kids cope with mental health challenges.

Weiss has a longstanding connection with DZF's namesake David Z which was forged during the late David's tenure with holiday-themed rock group Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This connection led to a collaborative relationship with David’s own band ZO2 and later to ZO2 member and DZF founder Paulie Z.

Weiss has stressed the importance of using the auction to similarly honor his late brother, who faced his own mental health struggles:

“It’s a brother thing! I am proud of Paulie for honoring his brother David. I first got introduced to music through my older brother Jay. He was in a garage band playing Deep Purple, Cream and Led Zeppelin covers back when I was a young teenager in the early '70s in Matawan, New Jersey. I followed my passion and became a rock photographer.

I thank Paulie for inviting me to honor my older brother Jay; who sadly passed away in 2005 at the age of 48. Jay struggled with mental illness throughout his life; music often helped him get through to the next day.

I first met David when he first joined TSO when I was hired to photograph the band for their tour book. David and I hit it off right from the start. David opened himself to anyone that he met. He was one of those guys and when I introduced him to my brother he gave him much needed extra attention. Shortly after David introduced me to his brother Paulie. We became fast friends and when they needed a photographer for the first ZO2 album I was there to shoot them.

I am honored to have my brother's memory shared with the David Z Foundation. I will be donating my gallery signed prints in auctions on throughout the year. The funds raised will go to DZF’s youth mental health music programming presented in memory of my brother Jay. In the words of the all mighty Joe Perry, “Let the music do the talking.”

These autographed prints by Mark Weiss will be available for auction through Charity Buzz until May 24 at

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