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Cast Your Vote to Celebrate DZF as an Anthem Awards finalist in 2 Categories

The David Z Foundation, renowned for its transforming lives through the magic of music, is a finalist for two of the 2023 Anthem Awards. Having previously won a bronze anthem award for their collaboration on the project "Time to Be Well" with Athwood Primary, Global Lighthouse Studios, and Globally Empowered, DZF is on a mission to highlight and amplify the impactful work of students worldwide.

This year, the foundation and its partners have been selected as finalists in two categories, and YOU have a chance to vote for us in an additional award, the "Community Voice" award.

"Make the Change" was written by students at SMK Muara Tuang in Malaysia, and "The Way of the Righteous" was written by students at the Afik School in Israel. Both are categories that highlight impactful media. "Make the Change" is under Climate Action/Awareness, and "The Way of the Righteous" is under Cultural Awareness.

As the 2023 Anthem Awards approach, the David Z Foundation invites you to support their impactful work. Visit the Anthem Community Voice at, share the video with family and friends, and cast your vote by December 21, 2023.

By celebrating and supporting the David Z Foundation, you are contributing to a global movement that leverages music as a catalyst for positive change. Join us in recognizing the power of music to inspire, educate, and transform lives.



Check out some of our other projects and find us on social media.

The David Z Foundation appreciates your unwavering support. If you are able to help support the programming financially, no gift is too small and every donation will go to support a classroom program so we can continue to highlight these talented youth.

About the Anthem Awards:

Presented by The Webby Awards, the Anthem Awards were launched in 2021 to celebrate the purpose and mission-driven work of individuals, companies, and organizations worldwide. Now in its third year, the Anthem Awards are the biggest and most comprehensive social impact award in the world.

“The work that we have received in the 3rd Annual Anthem Anthem Awards is game-changing. From innovative projects fighting climate change to impactful calls for equal rights across the globe and best-in-class CSR and ESG efforts- the Anthem Finalists are a bright light in our uncertain world.” said Patricia McLoughlin, Anthem Awards General Manager. “The Anthem Awards are proud to be able to amplify the voices sparking change and we invite everyone to join us in celebration of this work through Anthem Community Voice.”  

Winners for the 3rd Annual Anthem Awards will be announced on Tuesday, January 30, 2024. This year, The Anthem Awards will be recognizing Winners at an in-person event in New York City and all Winners will be marked in history and celebrated on the Anthem Winner’s Gallery with their “Call to Action Speech”.

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