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DZF Sixth Annual Facebook Live Fundraiser Raises More Than 15K with World-Wide Support

Including Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation

The 13-Time Grammy Award Winner, Actress, And Advocate Featured The DZF And Vince Lombardi School in Brooklyn, NY’s “Kindness is Beautiful” Video On Her Channel Kindness

Channel Kindness, a project of the Born This Way Foundation, featured the DZF and Vince Lombardi School in Brooklyn, NY’s “Kindness is Beautiful” original song and video that debuted during the livestream in an article on their Channel Kindness platform

(Click photo to see full article).

“Kindness is Beautiful” was just one of the 14 heart-warming music and behind-the-scenes videos that debuted during the DZF Sixth Annual FB Live Fundraiser. All were filmed with students from around the world this semester and were the result of the collaborations between DZF and the students. Additionally, a special guest video featuring Living Colour’s Corey Glover and highlights from the 2023 David Z Birthday Benefit Concert, which kicked off the fundraising campaign with appearances by the recently-reunited rockers ZO2 and four School Of Rock Schools at the Whisky A Go Go, were also shown.

This year, DZF has worked with more schools in more countries than ever and has received numerous awards and grants for its work. Most recently, the organization was recognized for two videos they produced in Cape Town, South Africa in collaboration with Global Lighthouse Studios and Globally Empowered.School. DZF was honored by the Second Annual Anthem Awards for its “Time To Be Well” project, which was written with Athwood Primary School about sustainable health and well-being (Anthem Awards). DZF also received two Telly awards for its “Help Yourself” project written with Gardens Commercial High School about the importance of staying in school (Telly Awards).

DZF was delighted to release 2 new international songs, "Make the Change" from Malaysia focused on being good stewards of the Earth, and "The Way of the Righteous" from Israel focused on sustaining peace across the world.

Donations are being accepted to support the work of the nonprofit's work to transform lives through the magic of music. Donors can choose a one-time donation or recurring. Every donation helps us bring music programs to students at no cost to the school. The two aforementioned international songs were fully funded by our generous donors:

To see the rest of the 14 new songs and our ever-growing catalogue, visit our YouTube page.

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