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Collaborative Effort Shines Light on Critical Issues for Youth Globally

The David Z Foundation (DZF) has exciting news to share about its victory at the esteemed Telly Awards, clinching two prestigious honors. Garnering a bronze award in the "Student Social Videos" category and a silver award in the "General Social Videos" category, the foundation's work in partnership with Global Lighthouse Studios (GLS), Globally Empowered, Gardens Commercial High School, and renowned artist Zolani Mahola (The One Who Sings) has earned well-deserved recognition.

The accolades highlight the remarkable efforts of a group of dedicated students who embarked on a musical journey to address the pressing issues of gender-based violence, addiction, and mental health. Through the combined talents of these individuals, a profound and impactful song has been crafted, which strikes a delicate balance between the gravity of the subject matter and the uplifting power of music.

Under the guidance of the project partners and their teacher Deon Ryck, the students committed themselves wholeheartedly to the creative work. Their dedication was evident as they willingly sacrificed precious hours between classes, before and after school, and even late into the evening, ensuring that every note carried the weight of their message. The conviction they have with their message is evident in each student's performance in the music video.

The collaboration between the David Z Foundation, GLS, Globally Empowered, Gardens Commercial High School, and Zolani Mahola served as a catalyst for creative synergy, enabling the students to channel their collective experiences and amplify their voices. The resulting song resonates not only with its lyrical depth and rawness, but also with its ability to inspire and uplift listeners.

Gender-based violence, addiction, and mental health are issues that are not easy to tackle. The students behind this project have used the creative platform of songwriting to shed light on these often-stigmatized topics, sparking important conversations and fostering empathy. Through their song, they have dared to confront the darkest corners of society while offering a promise of hope and resilience.

The Telly Awards is known for honoring excellence in video and television across various categories. With their success at the Telly Awards, the David Z Foundation and its collaborators have elevated the importance of artistic expression as a means to advocate for social change. This is but one example of how DZF is fulfilling its mission to transform lives through the magic of music.

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