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Earth Hour Video Focuses on Sustainability; New Footage Released

DZF’s Medley Music Program has announced that it is celebrating Earth Hour 2023 by releasing a special rendition of their song “Earth Hour,” which they recorded with the students at The Harbour School in Hong Kong, on all DSPs on Saturday, March 25. An exclusive video featuring bonus behind-the-scenes footage will also be unveiled.

As part of the DZF Medley Music Program’s mission to bring music and arts programs to underserved schools around the world, the organization developed a comprehensive music program for the inclusive school, which combines special needs kids with traditional learning students.

One of the goals of this endeavor was its concentration on Earth Hour, a global effort for sustainability. People around the world are encouraged to turn the lights off for one hour on March 25 to save energy and help the environment. The team, comprising DZF Founder Paulie Z, Production Assistant Tony Cortes, and The Harbour School HK students wrote the “Earth Hour” song. It was produced by Paulie Z and recorded, mixed and mastered by Johnny Santoro at Five Studios. The video was directed by Paulie Z, T Cortes, The Harbour School HK and filmed and edited by Paulie Z.

“I co-wrote this song and produced the music video with the students in Hong Kong many years ago about Earth Hour. We decided that with DZF’s worldwide collaborations with schools to write songs around the sustainable development goals, that now was the time to re-release the project with a brand new behind-the-scenes video,” said Paulie Z.

“Earth Hour” is just one of many of the DZF Medley Music Program initiatives. We recently received funding from Ingenuity's Creative Schools to provide arts initiatives for four Chicago Public Schools and was the proud recipient of the Best Partnership or Collaboration within the Community Engagement Category for its work in Education, Art, & Culture by the Second Annual Anthem Awards.

Check out the videos below:

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