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DZF Named Chisholm Law Firm Grant Recipient

The David Z Foundation (DZF) is proud to announce its distinction as the recipient of the 2022 Chisholm Law Firm Grant award. Thanks to the generosity of the firm, $1,000 will go towards further helping the foundation continue its mission to facilitate and provide music education and songwriting programs for kids of diverse backgrounds.

The foundation began as the spark of musician and songwriter Paul Zablidowsky, an initiative to honor his late brother David Zablidowsky, a prolific and gifted bass player known to audiences worldwide as David Z, and David's exuberant love of music and music education.

Having utilized their musical skills to help kids learn music as well as school concepts with their own projects, and witnessing David's ability to connect with people anywhere he went in the world using his musicianship and sheer enthusiasm, Paul knew this was the obvious and most powerful way to honor his brother's legacy and to help others using all the tools they had developed.

What started as a small but powerful idea of “transforming lives through the magic of music” has solidified into the foundation's mission statement and a belief in the ever-expanding possibilities that music education holds for a child's development and quality of life, taking young people into their creative imaginations and beyond their limitations.

Serving low-income or underserved neighborhoods, primarily from elementary though middle school, the programs designed in conjunction with the foundation focus on development in a myriad of ways, most importantly personal empowerment, emotional learning and overall mental health. The foundation's team of board members, consultants and committees understands that the future of such programs holds even more promise in a world where music unifies people, with the intent that its programs can also foster equity, social consciousness and sustainability. A global mindset helping to build a global community.

While the foundation's beginnings stem from a passion Paul and David Z once shared for getting kids to learn music and through music, the future arises out of the commitment Paul has to continuing that goal and expanding its reach. It's an abundance of brotherly love that has taken the David Z Foundation worldwide, with programs established in far-reaching countries from Hong Kong to South Africa to Argentina. Going forward, the foundation has further sights on programs in London, Australia and Japan.

Paul was interviewed by the firm, which can be seen below:

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