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DZF Fundraiser June 27-29 2022

The David Z Foundation is pleased to announce its upcoming 5th Annual David Z Facebook Live Fundraiser.

Following on the heels of last year’s all-star event which raised more than the $42,000 goal that was set, the foundation has upped its goal in an attempt to raise $43,000 in celebration of what would have been David’s 43rd birthday.

The event will once again be a star-studded one, with testimonials and birthday wishes from music industry luminaries which include David’s peers and bandmates.Viewers will also be treated to a treasure trove of previously unreleased videos and footage from the last several years of fundraisers. And audiences will see footage of David performing on and off stage, as well as get a look at his intimate life journey through various bands; particularly his personal passion project ZO2.As an additional special surprise, the event marks the premiere of a new ZO2 song, only played live at a handful of concerts, but never released in its recorded form. Written and sung by David, “One Love” reflects his well-honed gifts as both performer and songwriter.

The fundraisers are very important in highlighting the work that DZF does every year: connecting people with David’s life and work as well as furthering his commitment to music education. This year’s event will feature the debut of three inventive music videos created by students as part of the foundation’s mEDley Music program which ran in New York, Argentina and South Africa. There will also be behind-the-scenes videos which will offer an immersive look at the design and running of the programs. Viewers will also see testimonials from scholarship recipients, providing a glimpse at the kids who bring their budding talents to each musical project.

The fundraising campaign for 5th Annual David Z Facebook Live Fundraiser starts on Monday June 27th and will run until the goal is met. The FB event will air live on DZF’s Facebook page on Wednesday the 29th at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST.Viewers will be able to help the foundation through several options such as a simple monetary donation of their choice, a gifting one of the foundation’s programs to a school/student or by bidding on unique items up for auction such as signed items by bands, collectible art and one-of-a-kind prints of David Z by legendary rock photographer Mark Weiss.

For a taste of what to expect, check out our 4th Annual Fundraiser from last year that features Barcelona, a worldwide collaboration of instrumentalists and singers that highlights the lifelong transformative power of music.

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