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David Z Foundation and 1331 Recordz Partnership

The David Z Foundation and 1331 Recordz have partnered together to produce NFT and Web 3 educational videos focused on internet safety, digital citizenship, best practices for success, and common language around the rapid growth of peer to peer interactions and opportunities on the internet. The two organizations bonded over the need for onboarding musicians of all ages in a way that allows them to focus on promoting themselves and their music in an ever modulating musical marketplace.

The first 6 videos focus on building common vocabulary for not only musicians, but also the people who support them. The goal was to produce videos in a way that provides the necessary understanding as efficiently as possible while still having heart and humor. The videos were produced in Plotagons, an app that helps promote storytelling through customizable animated characters, and feature musicians, youth, educators and community members as the voice actors.

The opportunities through NFTs are for everyone and it is our goal to always bring out the music in all students, whether they want to become a professional musician or not. There are use cases globally for how NFT artists across the world are using music, prose, poetry, visual arts and drama to empower their local communities and do good around the world.

The playlist for these videos will premiere at 2pm PST on Monday, March 21 2022 in coordination with a launch event on Twitter Spaces at 2:30.

We are very excited for this partnership and the opportunity to teach promotion and financial literacy through NFTs.

Check out the videos below and scope out to learn more about what they do to support artists:

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