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D.A.V.E. Jam Recap and Programs

During the summer, the David Z Foundation put together its first live musical concert event to raise funds for its ongoing programs. A rousing success, the DAVE Jam held in July featured rock heavyweights Stone Temple Pilots, Kings X and Steven Adler (Guns N' Roses), ZO2 and preshow featuring School of Rock Clark.

The concert raised $90,000 with the intent to help schools with little or no financial resources for music-related programs provide quality music education for their students. The foundation plans to make the D.A.V.E. Jam an annual event and is working to secure another group of all-star musical artists for a 2023 concert.

Sponsors for the show included RCF, the Lanza Family Foundation, and Winsongs, with auctioned guitars donated by Sweetwater, The Music Connection, Division Street Guitars, and Ace Frehley.

As fall comes into full swing, DZF is gearing up for another year of exciting, creative collaborations with students and their schools around the world, with funding help from D.A.V.E. Jam's summer concert proceeds. The foundation is now once again ramping up its outreach, announcing its open call for schools to sign up and partner with the foundation on student music programs throughout the school year.

Since its inception, the David Z Foundation has operated from a general awareness that music education is in danger of falling out of many school curriculums, with schools either unable to afford music education or placing it low on the list of essential subjects.

But DZF's core belief is that music education is essential and that every child deserves good music education, and it now envisions an ongoing matching program to share expenses and offset financial burdens impeding a school's ability to offer such education. In looking ahead to the future and to improving its effectiveness, DZF is currently working to solidify a reality in which it will co-finance music programs with 100% of the schools it partners with.

For more information or to sign up to partner with the David Z Foundation on a music education program, please contact us at:

Foundation sign-up forms and project video links:

Music Mentor Program sign-up form

mEDley Music program sign-up form

“I Know You're In Heaven” (Music Mentor Program):

“Time to Be Well” (mEDley Music Program):

David Z Foundation project videos:

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