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Artist Spotlight-Curtis Scofield

We would like to highlight a budding artist who took an idea and brought it to life through music. Within the course of 3 hours, Curtis was able to write a short verse, produce it in Soundtrap, and record a music video.

The idea was about how having the accessibility of a wallet on an Apple Watch can really get you out of a potentially embarrassing situation.

This scenario has happened to many: you rush out the door to get your day started, run to the coffee shop and order your drink and/or breakfast, then realize in your hurry you forgot your wallet. The solution? Pay with your watch!

CAO Dan Roeder assisted in creation of the music video.

“It was pure magic seeing how Curtis could be so creative and productive at the same time. When I am creating, I usually get stuck in my head and over-think each step which really dampens my productivity. Curtis just creates. His self-confidence and spunk is astounding.”

Please take a moment to see the full video on TikTok and support Curtis in his creativity by clicking here.

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