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Auction by Mark Weiss to Support Jay Weiss DZF Scholarship (Closing Soon!)

The David Z Foundation has again partnered with acclaimed rock photographer Mark Weiss for a Charity Buzz auction that will support a DZF scholarship in Weiss’ late brother’s name Jay Weiss.

The auction is currently underway at and features some of his most iconic photographs including rare shots of Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Garcia and more. The auction ends Thursday, February 9

Weiss turned to DZF to create the scholarship for his brother as the non-profit was founded by singer/guitarist Paulie Z in honor of his own late brother David Z, who performed with Adrenaline Mob, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Zo2. The two starred in their own TV series “Z Rock” on the IFC network and were known together as “The Z Brothers.” They were very active in developing young people through music and to continue the legacy, the DZF was created to raise money for music education in David Z’s memory.

Weiss credits his brother Jay for his love of music and said “He took me to my first concert and introduced me to music. He had a garage band that practiced across the street from our house where I would go after school and hang out reading Circus magazine.”

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